Christina Breault

Expert computer operator, webmaster and translator

Christina is a college graduated Webmaster with over 30 years of experience in the computing industry, fluent bilingual in English and Portuguese. Prior to becoming a professional webmaster, Chris served as executive administrative assistant for several years.


with 30+ years of experience


from English to Portuguese & back

The Right Choice Makes The Difference

Hiring a service provider to entrust your needs with reliability and expertise is an important first step to have those needs met, be them a simple correspondence translation, an instructions manual buildup or a complete website revamp, to name a few. Christina Services are here to help you with these and other similar needs.

Christina’s Specialities

Document Production

Computer generated documents, forms, publications, you name it.

Website Builder

Website consulting, construction and administration.


Translations from English to Portuguese and back.

What People are Saying

Christina can meet challenging demands.
Ron Cronin
VP of Sales
Christina is highly attentive to your needs.
Jean Pavlov
Corporate Communications Specialist
Christina is brilliantly efficient.
Laurie Mozo
IT Supervisor
Christina can execute with perfection.
Richard Shwartz

Efficiency You’ll Love.
Results You Won’t Forget!

Christina Services are provided with an efficient approach and perfection in mind to satisfy the most demanding needs.