Document Production


Production of computer generated documents

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Production of computer generated documents such as the following.

  • General Correspondence
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Catalogs / Books / Manuals
  • Résumés / Reports / Pleadings
  • Spreadsheets / Financial Statements
  • and much more!

Prices are per page. One page is complete when up to 500 words are typed into it or when an 8″ by 11″ sized paper is filled with content, be it the total number of words described, illustrations, graphs, tables, a mix of them or whatever. Each illustration added to a page will reduce the 500 words limit by 100 words. Yearly contracts will reduce the price of this service by 50%.

Additional information

No. of Pages

1–10 ($18.99/pg), 101–250 ($6.93/pg), 11–25 ($15.93/pg), 26–50 ($12.96/pg), 51–100 ($9.99/pg)