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Website construction and hosting by webmaster Chris Breault. Service Pack options are as follows:

Service Pack
What’s Included Pack 1 Pack 2 Pack 3 Pack 4
Number of Pages/Posts1 + 1 Illustration in each 5 10 15 25
Quantity of Text/Words2 Included per page/post 500 1000 2500 5000
Responsive Theme Design (Free or Paid3) yes yes yes yes
Number of Plugins / Extensions4 3 5 10 15
Number of Products5 3 5 10 25
Quantity of Payment Processors6 1 2 3 4
Your own domain name7 no yes yes yes
Website Hosting for a full year8 yes yes yes yes

1 The amount of content will be the number of words per page/post, or number of pages/posts, indicated in the table above, whichever is reached in the limited maximum allowed in the service. That is, the customer will receive as many pages or as many words per page as described. The client provides his/her own text (clean, spelled out correctly and unformatted). The webmaster is not responsible for creating or correcting your text, although a spell check will be ran on the text.

2 The application used to build the website will be WordPress, unless the client prefers another (i.e., Drupal, Joomla, etc.) or none (keeping in mind that a non-application site means a static website, without shopping cart functionality, for example).

3 Paid themes on application-based website are included for a year but will incur subsequent yearly renewals for continuous updates up to $50/year. The client can also provide a theme of his/her own.

4 Free plugins and/or extensions are included. Paid plugins and/or extensions are charged separately and according to their prices.

5 If the website will include an online shop, this is the maximum number of products included in the Service Pack chosen. This is applicable to either application-based (i.e., woocommerce) or static websites (i.e., PayPal buttons/links on products/services).

6 Maximum number of payment processors (i.e., PayPal, Stripe, Square, etc.) included in the Service Pack.

7 Without your own domain name your website address will be, or a free domain hosting of your choice (i.e., With your own domain name, it will be whatever you choose, provided the domain name is available for purchase and the price of the domain is below $30/year. Domain names above $30 will be charged accordingly and separately.

8 One year of site hosting is included. Additional years will be billed yearly at a current rate of $50/year, and lack of payment will erase the website from the hosting server within 15 days. If the client chooses to transfer the site to another hosting provider, he/she can do it on his/her own or hire webmaster Chris Breault to do it at at rate of $25/hr.

The below paid items and services require yearly renewals, billed separately and accordingly. Failure to renew these functions will cause them to be deleted and/or ceased from receiving updates*:

  • * Themes and Plug-ins (price varies according to each of them)
  • Domain names (up to $30/yr or more depending on the domain name chosen)
  • Hosting of the website ($50/year)

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